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Tuesday Nov 24
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"


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Public administration

President  of the Republic of Moldova www.president.md

Parliament  of the Republic of Moldova www.parlament.md


Online government services

E-government www.gov.md


Government websites surveyed by the UN

Ministry of Finance www.mef.gob.pa

Ministry of Health www.ms.gov.md

Ministry of Education www.edu.md


Useful links

EU portal on development of "Electronic Government" - http://www.epractice.eu
News of "E-Government" - http://e-gov.su
Portal - directory "E-Government" of the world - http://erepublic.org
Independent platform for public policy - http://egovmonitor.com
Regional directories and search engines of the world- http://ezilon.com
The global network of "transparency" - http://www.e-regulations.org




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