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Tuesday Nov 24
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"


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Public administration

President www.prezydent.pl

Government of Poland www.premier.gov.pl


Online government services

E-government of Poland www.poland.gov.pl


Government websites surveyed by the UN

Ministry of Financewww.mf.gov.pl

Ministry of Education www.nauka.gov.pl

Ministry of Health www.mz.gov.pl

Ministry of Labour and Welfare www.mpips.gov.pl


Useful links

EU portal on development of "Electronic Government" - http://www.epractice.eu
News of "E-Government" - http://e-gov.su
Portal - directory "E-Government" of the world - http://erepublic.org
Independent platform for public policy - http://egovmonitor.com
Regional directories and search engines of the world- http://ezilon.com
The global network of "transparency" - http://www.e-regulations.org




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