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Wednesday Jun 26
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"

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• Development of information quality standards posted on the websites of government agencies and consulting to ensure their implementation;

• Development of standardized requirements to the web-site informational architecture of government agencies;

• Monitoring of sites of government agencies and the evaluation of the quality of informational and electronic public services (audit of informational resources);

• Development of unified e-government informational architecture of country, the optimization of information flows in the state through the Internet;

• Evaluation of the economic efficiency of IT-projects;

• Development of guidelines for the preparation of content and structuring of data for enterprises and organizations web sites;

• Marketing Research IT-market;

• Organizing and conducting public opinion polls;

• Consulting in the field of e-strategies;

• Consulting in the field of e-business planning;

• Outsourcing and management of IT-projects;

• Organization and conduction seminars.





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