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Sunday Jun 16
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"

Implemented Projects

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"Providing consulting services of information support and optimization of informational architecture of e-government portal www.e.gov.kz by taking into account the basic principles of usability." Contract with JSC "National Information Technologies» № 785 24 September 2008See the main page of portal

Proposed the optimal structure of the portal, the most unified in the third and fourth levels, allowing integrating the large flows of various information, organically to provide informational, interactive and transactional services. The internal logic of the portal is built, which meets the requirements of the program of development of e-government and targets that were set: Kazakhstan is integrally represented as a modern state, its economy and politics, focusing on services for all categories of users, in the particular headings carried out the social sphere - the priority and ultimate goal of government reform. Set aside the media in a separate section on the main page, represented as "fourth power" in the state.

On the main page introduced a symbol that combines the governance, citizens and business, Bayterek - a symbol of an independent, forward-looking Kazakhstan.
Special conceptual charge was attached to electronic conferences - the foundation of democratic reforms in society.

The proposed informational architecture takes into account the diversity of economic, political and psychological factors. In developing the portal structure were considered as well-known principles of usability, as copyrights developments in this area, making the portal more attractive to users.

Although our recommendations were implemented by the autumn of 2009 partially, the portal got high estimate from users and experts, and took first place in the competition AWARD-2009 in the category "Government authorities".

The introduction of a new informational architecture on www.e.gov.kz largely contributed to increasing by 35 rating points in Kazakhstan in 2009 on an index of readiness for e-government, calculated the UN. Thus, the main points, which provided Kazakhstan 24 place in the world on online services provision have been achieved through informational services, namely: Points for emerging information services - 66 for Kazakhstan (figure like South Korea and higher than in the U.S. and Canada), the results of the rating in more details. The new structure has demonstrated the diversity of services, including informational on the portal, makes more emphasis on navigation, which also corresponds to the vision of international experts.
On 69 page  the UN report «World e-government rankings» the portal "e-government” in Kazakhstan is estimated as friendly to users (comfortable), with a wide range of electronic services.

Main portal page www.e.gov.kz was appreciated by expert analysts in the transfer of informational and analytical TV channel RUSSIA-24, 3 April 2010 (time 9.20 Astana), noting the "well-designed interface."
As it is known, the interface - a collection of tools and methods by which the user interacts with the site or its appearance (all the visual elements of the site). In developing a new informational portal architecture in 2008, consultants «LINCOMPANY» LLP combined maximum old design with new architecture, as it was important to make accessible informational, interactive, transactional services. Analysis of the sites of other countries has shown that Kazakhstan portal interface in May 2010 was one of the best.

Provision of consulting services JSC "National Information Technologies" on the conduct of sociological survey on the program "e-government”: awareness, satisfaction, user expectations. April 2009.

Provision consulting services JSC "National Information Technologies" on the analysis of the informatization state the Republic of Kazakhstan. Contract № 585 dated June 17, 2009. Within the framework of work the organizational structure of local executive bodies (hereinafter - LEB) and the list of provided public services by them were surveyed, a model portal structure of LEB has developed for the provision of electronic services (informational, interactive, transactional) to various segments of the population.

Management System and Web-interface Internet portal of commodity markets on the platform PHP 5 - MySQL. The contract with "Monitoring and Market Research", February 2010





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