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Tuesday Oct 27
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"

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FR: The Government re-affirms the continuation of its open public data strategy

20 November 2012

With the establishment of the Secretariat General for the Modernisation of Public Administration (Secr?tariat g?n?ral pour la modernisation de l'action publique - SGMAP, in French) on 30 October 2012, the Government confirmed its intention to continue its open data strategy in order to facilitate the broader reuse of public information produced by the public administration.

As the body for democratic renewal and for the economic and societal innovation and as a lever for transforming the administration, the Open Data Initiative is one of the pillars of the new modernisation of public administration.

SGMAP oversees the Etalab project. Etalab will report directly to the new Secretary General, and work closely with departments responsible for the modernisation of public administration, especially those responsible for the innovation of users’ services and the digital transformation of the state. S?verin Naudet, who created and has managed Etalab since February 2011, will soon leave the agency.

Since its launch, Etalab has created data.gouv.fr, the national portal that provides access to over 350 000 free and reusable public information. For example, it makes government spending accessible via a single raw file in a reusable format as well as a list of property owned by the state. The state is held accountable to its citizens for its actions and its public administration, allowing greater transparency of operations.

Etalab has also gathered more than 30 major players in innovation in France (large and small enterprises, engineering schools, competitiveness clusters, media, etc.) in a community called Dataconnexions. Dataconnexions encourages and supports the development of innovative reuse of public data; it has already supported more than 15 innovative projects of this kind.

Etalab’s roadmap will be specified in the following weeks. It will continue the provision of free public data, focusing on data with high societal impact (health, education, etc.) and/or with high potential for social and economic innovation.






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