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Saturday Oct 31
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"

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EE: Government approves the development of Information Society Strategy 2020

31 Осtober 2012

On 27 September 2012, the Government approved a proposal, drafted by the Estonian Information Society Strategy 2014-2020, which will constitute the basis for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium - MKM, in Estonian) to prepare a new Information Society Strategy 2020.

The purpose of the Information Society Strategy 2020 is to jointly create the conditions and agree on using the opportunities provided by information and communication technology (ICT) to manage the Estonian economy and society more efficiently.

So far the following are considered to be the biggest benefits of the development of the information society: good Internet accessibility, the use of services to support the development of state information and security for citizens and businesses, as well as the development of electronic services.

The Head of Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Margus P??a, said that in the future the focus should be placed on the possibilities offered by ICT, which should be used across all areas. "If today's systems are generally built on paperwork, the introduction of technologies allows the skipping of many time-consuming intermediate steps or processes and allows organising it in a completely new way," he added.

As the development of the information society requires joint effort and agreement of all parties, the Ministry organises workshops to share ideas and suggestions on the drafting of the strategy, inviting the most important cooperation partners from the public, private and non-private sectors to express their views on this.

The new information society was created by setting targets that will contribute towards the development of a website. The Ministry invites all interested parties to submit proposals for what should be the next big project or the step that would rapidly lead to the next level of the development of the information society.

The new Strategy will be sent to the Ministry for approval by May 2013 the latest. The drafting will be completed in collaboration with other ministries, the State Chancellery and the other parties. The primary objectives were approved by the Government on the information society advisory board.






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