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Saturday Oct 31
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"

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LV: Increased usage of the state and local government services portal www.Latvija.lv

25 september 2012

During the past seven months (i.e. since the beginning of 2012), the eServices provided by the state and local government services portal www.Latvija.lv have seen an increase in their usage. More than 258 000 people have visited the portal, while its online eServices have been accessed 647 239 times.

The most popular eService, which is also traditionally the most visited during the summer months, is the ‘Electronic application for undergraduate study programmes’, where candidates can apply online for any of 11 Latvian universities. This year the number of users reached 181 759.

Other most frequently used eServices of the portal are the following:

These statistics count the use of eServices the moment a person starts to use them. The online services provided allow citizens to read online, check and print out the information, which has been accumulated by various national agencies.

Latvija.lv provides access to 46 eServices and contains information about more than 2006 state and local government services.






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