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Tuesday Oct 27
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Poland: EC Funds for eGovernment projects have been released

In September 2012 the European Commission announced the release of funds for Poland’s eGovernment projects. This news comes as result of the ‘Cleaning the Augean stables’ plan, undertaken by the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation after its launch in autumn 2011.

The aim of the Ministry’s plan was to sort out the projects’ procedures, making clear that projects are worthwhile only if they are built around the needs of the intended audience and that each stage of the project should be assessed not only on the basis of the amount of money spent but also on the performance objectives.

Unblocking EC funds also means that new projects similar to the ones already operating will be added. More specifically, the projects, currently operational, are the following:

  • The eTaxation project (ePodatki, in Polish) enables citizens to carry out their taxation obligations online;
  • The Central Register and Information on Business (Centralnej Ewidencji i Informacji o Dzia?alno?ci Gospodarczej - CEIDG, in Polish) allows interested people to set up a business online;
  • The National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr S?dowy OnLine - KRS, in Polish) enables online access to copies of the National Court Register;
  • The eServices platform of the Social Insurance Institution (Zak?ad Ubezpiecze? Spo?ecznych - ZUS - PUE, in Polish) gives access to data recorded in one's individual pensions account, yet another reason for having a Trusted Profile, which is a free electronic signature thanks to which citizens can settle administrative matters electronically;
  • Online access to mortgage records - interested people can get a copy of the land register record with only their registration number;
  • Location and Information Platform with a Central Database (PLI CBD): A quick way to identify the place from which the call to the emergency number is made. This is important in case the victim or witness of an event does not know the exact location of the incident or for safety/health reasons, they are not able to give this information or in case one’s property is threatened, for example in the event of fire.

PLN 3.3 billion (approx. €8 billion) will be released by the end of 2015 in order to improve and facilitate citizens’ lives through the provision of electronic public services. Detailed information about Poland’s eGovernment projects and the public authorities in charge of their implementation can be found http://mac.gov.pl/dzialania/sukces-projektu-stajnia-augiasza-jakie-projekty-powstaja-z-funduszy-unijnych/

2 оctober 2012






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