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Saturday Oct 31
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PT: Citizen and business portals are rebuilt using open source

12 Juny 2012

Portugal's Agency for the Public Services Reform (Ag?ncia para a Moderniza??o Administrativa - AMA, in Portuguese) is revamping its main eGovernment portals for citizens and businesses, using the open source portal software Liferay. 
Using open source tools, says Gon?alo Caseiro, spokesperson for AMA, is "in line with the European eGovernment Action Plan and the recently approved Portuguese Global Strategic Plan for the Rationalisation and Cost Reduction in ICT in Public Administration." 
Caseiro added that Liferay was selected following a benchmark process that compared several alternatives. The open source solution came out as the best one in terms of reliability and flexibility, allowing AMA's engineers to build the portal's functional requirements. "This solution will also generate savings of several hundred thousand euro, compared to proprietary solutions." 
The Citizen Portal (Portal do Cidad?o, in Portuguese) was launched in 2004, with the Business Portal (Portal da Empresa, in Portuguese) following two years later. They are 'one stop shops' provided by Portugal's public administrations. The Citizen's Portal offers 1138 services provided 336 authorities, the Business Portal offers 4019 services, provided by 143 authorities. 
"The two portals are a central piece in the Portuguese strategy for a modern and open public administration", said AMA's spokesperson and added that "they focus on the needs and convenience of citizens and companies." 
Both portals are part of a multichannel strategy to provide public electronic services. Other channels include a national network of Citizen and Business Shops and Citizen and Business Contact Centres that can be reached by phone and email. http://www.epractice.eu/en/news/5367331




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