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Tuesday Oct 27
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Italy: Laboratory tests results are now just a click away

29 May 2012

Patients of the Healthcare Institutes of Regina Elena (IRE) and San Gallicano (ISG) in Rome can now check their lab tests results online, from the comfort of their home.

Simplifying services to citizens is a must for all, but it is absolutely essential for oncology patients and their families. Apart from the consultation of lab test results online, the so-called ‘online reports service’ also provides a ‘QR code’, a two-dimensional code. After reading this QR code with their mobile phone or smartphone, users are enabled to connect directly to the screen displaying their test results. The online reports service is free of charge and available 24/7.

“The activation of the online lab tests reports consultation service marks the first important step towards an innovation and simplification process of the “performance” of our healthcare institutes”, says Lucio Capurso, Director General of IRE and ISG. “Especially in cancer pathologies, which require a high level of assistance, technological innovation applied to healthcare services simplifies and improves the quality of life of the patient” he adds.

The Laboratory of Clinical Pathology and Microbiology of IRE and ISG conducts more than 1 500 000 high technology tests each year, with accurate security checks from the pre- to the post-analytical phase. The computerised management of the entire process allows: a direct connection to the systems of all departments and internal services of the Institutes, viewing validated test results, and the availability of digitally signed online reports, both for internal and external users.

“The citizen who undergoes an exam in our Haematology Clinic” says Laura Conti, Clinical Pathology Manager in IRE “will be able to choose at the reception whether he wants to receive the results on paper or obtain the information required to use the relevant web service. Access to the online reports service is simple and direct: one needs to log in to our portal by entering their username and password, which will be assigned at the moment the blood sample is taken” she concludes.






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