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Saturday Oct 31
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PT: Open data portal launched in beta version

25 января 2012

The beta version of 'Dados.gov', a Portuguese open government platform which makes a wide range of data available to the general public, was launched on 24 November 2011.

'Dados.gov' is in line with the government strategy to promote a Public Administration (PA) that is increasingly open to participating and collaborating with citizens. The platform will enable access - automatically where possible - to raw datasets compiled by the PA. Confidential information and/or personal data are protected, and information is properly organised and made available to the public in electronic formats that allow easy reading, processing and interlinking.

'Dados.gov' promotes access to public information, transparency, collaboration and particularly to the creation by civil society of added value based on such data, through the development of applications or visualisation tools.

There are currently more than 120 datasets available from 14 public bodies concerning such topics as: election results; statistics on education and justice; direct State contracts; local government revenue and expenditure; information on trademarks, patents or registered domains. 'Dados.gov' is expected to grow as public bodies become aware of the project concept and its added value in terms of transparency and re-use of information, and also as civil society itself conforms to the concept by reusing available information.

Feliciano Barreiras Duarte, Deputy Secretary of State of the Deputy and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, released the beta version on the occasion of the 21st Congress of the Portuguese Association for Communications Development. 'Dados.gov' is an initiative of the Agency for the Public Services Reform (AMA)






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