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Thursday Apr 18
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"Информация - нефть XXI века"

About company

Date of first registration of LLP «LINCOMPANY» September 21, 2005 (certificate of state registration number 20393-1901-TOO).

The company was incorporated specifically for the provision of consulting services within the framework of "electronic government".

The company specializes in research and development in the field of informational architecture of e-government, usability, marketing and sociological researches, develops integrated solutions to improve the efficiency of “e-government”.

The assets of the company – research works registered in the Committee on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All are based on many years of research problems of e-government, which the authors conducted in the period from 1999 to 2008: monitoring of Internet portals of Kazakhstan and Russia government agencies since 2001, analysis of their structure and content, conducting usability testing, and the study of international experience in the development of e-government, legislation and public policies in this area. Also, while working with businesses and citizens were found out the main problems of public service provision, conducted the analysis of functions government agencies, administrative procedures of its provision. Based on these studies, even before adoption the government program "Building up e-government” in the Republic (President signed a Decree on November 10, 2004.), exemplary portal structure of e-government in Kazakhstan was developed.See the version of 2004 Affiliated company - "Center of Business Information" LLP participated in the tender to provide consulting services on the project to create a Web portal and gateway for e-government twice in 2005, organized by the Agency of Informatization and Communication.

In March 2007 the company was re-registered due to changes in the membership of the charter members.





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